Be a Calm-Assertive Leader

Unlike humans, dogs will not follow unstable energy. They instinctively seek and follow pack leaders who exhibit calm and assertive energy.​

Cesar’s Way from celebrity dog behaviorist Cesar Millan explains this.

“Recent studies on pack behavior have reevaluated hierarchy models and have modified our current understanding of behavior of the canine species, a hierarchy relationship between dogs and humans continues to change as we continue studying. More myth than fact, recent research has negated the long-standing theory which maintained that alpha dogs control through aggressive habits.”

A calm, yet assertive energy works particularly well with dogs because our intentions and our emotions present themselves as energy that they can easily interpret, understand and respond to. 

Our pets interpret calm-assertiveness as clear intentions coming from their leader and that’s because our emotions are balanced. Conversely, our negative emotions and unclear intentions in the eyes of dogs are a sign of weak energy that results in their confusion.

Forget about trying to enforce a particular behavior that you want through unnecessary aggression and start learning how to lead your dog the right way. 

Happy K9 Club in Coconut Creek will assist you in becoming the kind of calm-assertive leader that your dog needs and seeks.

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