Dog Psychology​

To get the most out of the dog-human relationship, people must grasp how dogs think and communicate. Anyone willing to listen can learn the basic principles of canine psychology. This understanding is not difficult to obtain and we will be working hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you are equipped to follow-through on the training your pet received from us.

Dog psychology and human psychology are surprisingly similar in terms of brain structures and biochemistry. We are also quite similar in terms of information and emotion processing, specifically when it comes to voice reaction. But this doesn’t mean that their intellectual and emotional reactions are the same as ours.

Believe it or not, your dog needs quite a number of things that you crave for as well, like exercise, structure and a sense of purpose. The goal is to provide their needs in ways that dogs can relate to and not in a way that only humans can understand. 

After all, dog psychology is quite different from human psychology and that means we shouldn’t treat them the same way we would another person in everything. Humanizing them will only confuse them and cause them unnecessary anxiety.

Recognizing that we are similar in some ways to our dogs but also different in many other ways, is the key to training them and, at the same time, meeting their basic needs. 

Happy K9 Club in Coconut Creek is committed to helping you determine the best way to respect and celebrate the difference. We will find that happy medium where you and your dog thrive in a healthy, intimate, and productive relationship.

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