Exercise, Discipline, Affection

A balanced dog is fulfilled in the aspects of body, mind, and heart. When dogs are in the wild, they will strive for that balance based on their instincts. But as soon as humans are introduced into the equation, it is the responsibility of dog owners to provide the balance that are essential to their well-being.

Humans, however, tend to focus on their pets’ intellectual and emotional needs while ignoring their instinctual behavior. Because of this, behavioral issues present themselves without their owners knowing both the cause and the cure.

Having a balanced dog has more to do with who you are to them rather than transforming their behavior and outlook to fit into your world. Rather than making them trust, respect, and love you, our goal is to make you trustworthy, respectable, and lovable to them.

At Happy K9 Club in Coconut Creek, we facilitate the process that allows you and your dog to develop a relationship that will be beneficial to both of you.

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