Knowledge is Power

By Franco Abbate

Understanding some facts about dogs can help you build a better relationship with them.

  • If you are a dog lover, it doesn’t mean you control instincts. Knowledge helps you to control the body & mind of a dog.
  • Human Senses Order: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Taste, Touch
  • Dog Senses Order: Nose, Eyes, Ears, Taste, Touch
  • To a dog, Consistency is a sign of Leadership.
  • Aggression is NOT the problem, it is the Symptom, Result, or the Outcome of a problem!
  • Dog on Dog aggression mostly stems from lack of leadership.
  • Being a good leader means controlling behavior by limiting the things they want.
  • In a greeting between dogs, the one who gives the rear first is surrendering.
  • A walk with your dog(s) should be a time for detoxing your day, not adding to the stress!
  • Love & Affection only nurtures the state of mind they are currently in.
  • If you learn to honor what a dog needs, you create balance.
  • A dogs ultimate goal is to find balance, its our goal to help them achieve it!
  • An expression of sound from a dog has significance, but you have to understand what they are saying. They can communicate Fear, Anxiety, Aggression & Dominance, we just have to learn to recognize it!
  • Wobbler Syndrome is a condition that is a deterioration of the vertebrae in the neck, which results in dogs walking & sitting funny.
  • Awareness to processing to reflecting and then to transforming behavior is the same for dogs and humans, but dogs can do it faster!
  • Discipline should come from a positive energy, not a negative one, which can lead to punishment or even abuse.
  • Separation Anxiety may develop when there is a change in the owners routine.
  • Behavior Modification is a simple concept, but not easily executed because it is a state of mind!
  • For both Humans and Dogs it takes a great amount of of focused energy to be calm.
  • There are 4 reactions to a dogs brain:
    1. Fight
    2. Flight
    3. Avoid
    4. Submit
  • Dogs feel Kinetic Energy (Motion) and can tell what emotional state you are in just by your Body Language.
  • A feral dog is a dog that is untamed or wild and doesn’t trust anything, pure survivor mode.
  • Be more aware of an instinctual way of communicating to your dog, not an intellectual one!
  • Altitude is Attitude, especially for insecure dogs, so be aware of positioning on couch & bed, and even in your arms!
  • Dogs will yawn, shake, stretch, scratch and even lick their lips when stressed.
  • One of the leading contributors to unwanted behavior, particularly aggression, is excessive or ill-timed affection!
  • If you change the way you interact with your dog, your dogs behavior will change!
  • Giving affection to a dog when calm & relaxed, reinforces calm & relaxed behavior.
  • 90% of Aggression is Fear-Based!
  • Because dogs don’t rationalize, we have to be more consistent with the message.

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