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My goal is to awaken these families to how many dogs are euthanized in one year, how we kill them and how we really treat what we call man’s best friend.


"My dogs were listening within a matter of minutes. Franco is very patient and knows what he's talking about. He showed me how to get my dogs to stop pulling while we're walking, especially my female. We're correcting her dominance and she knows now that mama is the boss! Confidence is key, so if there's something wrong with your pup(s), pick Franco." - Alexandria S.

Happy K9 Club is amazing!

"Franco was amazing! Gave us great information and we will definitely continue with him. I am recommending him to all my fellow dog lovers." - Brandy B.

After only two sessions we have seen great improvements!!

"Franco is great! We are still in training with Franco for our two dogs and we have seen major improvements!" - Iris C.

Thank You, Franco!

I was tired of searching for trainers that required me to pay thousands of dollars for boot camps when all I wanted was to train my dog in settings that are normal to my day-to-day life. I needed someone who would help me adapt my dog to my daily routine and help me learn my dog's needs and communication styles. Franco was it. From the beginning, Franco explained to me what my dog expects from me and how I could train it to learn what I expect from it. It's been so much easier since then. Week after week, my Golden Retriever surpasses something that I had already given up on. From leash walking to obeying commands to respecting my space, my dog has learned to listen and I've become a better "mum" as I now understand what she needs from me. In two months, the Golden I had then is not the Golden I have now. We've grown together, connected more, and we love each other even more than before. Thank you, Franco.​ - Carla C.


"Franco was excellent. Bringing in a another dog into a household that already has a dominant, not too socialized dog is difficult... But with Franco's help it will be do-able. He communicated clearly and in terms we could understand with regard to our interaction with the dogs. Just one session and our dogs now understand what we want from them. Thank you Franco for helping us to better communicate to our fur babies!! It'll take some time and effort but the results are now in sight. I'm so excited for the possibilities. Anxious for session #2." - Dianna P.

Definitely recommend!

This peace made possible by Happy K9 Club! I can't thank Franco enough for everything he has taught me, and yes me even more than the dogs! I've never had a dog before this point in my life and now with my boyfriend I have two! My biggest fear was my puppy growing up and walking me. But the dogs instantly responded to Franco in ways I have never seen and he has quickly shown me how to take control! I've learned you can get a dog to do just about anything as long as you're the boss! I highly recommend him! ​- Cathleen E.

Highly recommend!!

My husband and I recruited Franco because we adopted a pup who needed a bit of work. Turns out we were the ones in need of work! Franco was amazing and we noticed results immediately πŸ™‚ I also really liked his point of view in not using clicker training!! Thank You!!! - Laura M.

Great Dog Trainer!

Franco was great with our puppy, Diesel. Loved being around our dog, and was very helpful with his training and tips! - Veronica L.

I'm a Pack-Leader now!

Franco is very helpful and knowledgeable. He has helped our dog respond far better to stressful and anxiety-inducing situations and has helped to make him far more respectful and well behaved. After each session, we see more and more improvements. We would, and have, highly recommend his services. ​- Nicole W.



Buddy Boy thanks you!

​Franco was terrific as a trainer with my Boston Terrier He got my dog to be obedient, listen to commands and just all around a better dog My dog Buddy Boy really liked Franco and responded well to him I would strongly recommend him for anyone looking for a great dog trainer. ​- Tony E

The local dog whisperer!

Overall a great experience for both myself and my dog. I would recommend a few training sessions for even the best behaved pets as there is always room for improvement. Game changer!!! - Craig A.

Works Wonders!

"Franco is absolutely wonderful! In a short 45 mins he taught my husband and I some amazing techniques to help with our puppy problems! I can't wait for his follow up visit! Would highly recommend him!" ​- Lauren L.

He's a life saver!

Franco is incredible at gaining respect and showing you how to gain the respect of your pets. Highly recommend for everyone who had stubborn dogs! ​- Rebecca C.

Great job!

Great working with Franco. He helped with our Doberman pup!​ - Sarah G.

Franco is Cesar Milan on the domestic beer budget!

"Franco is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is amazing with my pit mix. His training is not only with the dog but with the owners as well. His knowledge is second to none and there were immediate results after the first lesson. After week 2 we have seen DRASTIC positive results. I recommend Franco to any and everyone who has any type of behavioral or psychological issues with their dog. He is the guy to fix the problems." - Jeff L.

Hey!! πŸ™‚

"Franco is very helpful and knowledgeable. He has helped our dog respond far better to stressful and anxiety-inducing situations and has helped to make him far more respectful and well behaved. After each session, we see more and more improvements. We would, and have, highly recommend his services." - Amy W.

We love Franco!

Franco is the real deal- you'll feel like you have your very own dog whisperer! He's very affordable, responsive and fun to have around- our 5 month old hound puppy (mini horse) is in love with him and improving...Make the call! - Alan & Merri S.

Respect = Trust = Love

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